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Property Disputes

Property Disputes

Have you purchased property at a bank auction, HOA sale, bankruptcy trustee auction, or tax sale, and now third-parties are making adverse claims to your title? Are you a commercial property owner in need of representation? Are you having issues with a contractor, or has a contractor placed a lien against your property and you need the issues resolved? Is there some other issue with your title to property that is preventing you from realizing its full value? If so, contact Hutchings Law Group today, we can help.

Dealing with property disputes can be frustrating.

You may be a property investor who purchases property at auction. Determining your right to title can be confusing because of vague foreclosure statutes, complex lien priority laws, and transfer and recording requirements. You may be in a position where you’d like to make improvements to the property, lease it out to tenants, or make other valuable use of the property, but because of problems with title you are uncertain whether you can and should do so. You may even want to sell the property, but can’t.

Perhaps you are a commercial property owner who has an issue with a commercial tenant. There may be issues arising from improvements, from a fire, flood, or some other unforeseen event, or your tenant simply may not be honoring the terms of the lease agreement. Determining your rights and liabilities under insurance policies, leases, statutes and regulations and then negotiating a resolution to those disputes may be more than you have the time or training to deal with.

You may be dealing with contractor disputes over design, payment, scope of work, work completion, or some other issue. Determining whether a contractor has wrongfully placed a materialman’s lien against your property can be complex, frustrating and time consuming. And negotiating with difficult contractors may be more headache than it is worth.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, contact Hutchings Law Group today, we can help.

At Hutchings Law Group, we handle:

1. Quiet Title

2. Wrongful Foreclosure

3. Loan Payoffs

4. Investor Due Diligence

5. Commercial Property Disputes

6. Tenant Disputes

7. Commercial Lease Negotiations

8. Contractor Disputes; and

9. Materialman’s Liens

Hutchings Law Group can analyze your rights, advise you of adverse and competing interests, and develop a comprehensive strategy to help you accomplish your objectives.

You’ve already spent hard-earned money acquiring your property, now it’s time to protect it. At Hutchings Law Group we are committed to protecting the property you own.

If there are property disputes that you need resolved, contact Hutchings Law Group today, we can help.