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Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Has your insurance company wrongfully denied your claim? Hutchings Law Group represents individuals and businesses involved in insurance coverage disputes. Contact us today for a consultation, we can help.

When a homeowner purchases a Homeowner's Policy, or a business purchases a Commercial General Liability Policy, they expect that policy to cover accidental damage suddenly and unexpectedly occurring to their property. Good insurers will work hard to find ways to cover their policy-holders for accidental loss caused by fire, sudden unexpected water damage, and other types of property loss. After all, such losses are the reason property-owners purchase this type of policy in the first place. Unfortunately, there are some insurers that do not have their policy-holder's best interests in mind, and are looking only at the financial gain they will reap if they systematically deny certain types of claims. These bad faith insurers will twist the language within the homeowner's policy to support the wrongful denial of legitimate claims. Sadly, some insurance companies put profits over people and play the game of charging as much as possible only to give as little as possible in return. Or, they engage in unfair claims handling practices that work significant hardships on their insured during a time when their insured is burdened with the significant task of attempting to pick up the pieces after a major loss. Many property-owners take the insurance company's denial as the last word because they trust their insurance company, and they are too overwhelmed with the details of the loss to fight the wrongful denial of their claim. This does not have to be the case.

we can help. Hutchings Law Group can navigate the complicated and frustrating task of discovering your duty to report, filling out insurance forms required by your insurance company, and collecting documents required by the insurance company for the consideration of your claim. We can research the applicable policy provisions under which you are entitled to coverage, and advocate for the fair and reasonable valuation of your property. If your insurance company refuses to cover your loss, or refuses to fairly compensate you for your loss, we can file a lawsuit on your behalf, at no additional cost to you. Unlike many other firms, we do not refer our clients out to other firms for litigation if their case does not settle, we handle the litigation ourselves. With Hutchings Law Group, you'll know that you have an attorney who can handle your case from the claims process through appeal.

Don't let the illegitimate business practices of unscrupulous insurers deprive you of the coverage you are entitled to. Contact Hutchings Law Group today, we can help.