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Healthcare Law

Healthcare Law

Medical professionals face a dizzying array of regulations, statutory hurdles, and administrative obstacles in today’s complex legal environment. These can include overpayment claims from a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) contractor, state board medical licensing issues, hospital staffing issues, white-collar criminal proceedings, contract, partnership, and collection disputes, and employment law issues.

Hutchings Law Group provides nuanced legal services that cater particularly to the needs of medical professionals. When crafting legal solutions for our clients, we consider the regulatory framework that governs the medical profession, including federal and state Stark and anti-kickback laws, HIPAA Privacy and Security, HITECH, Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse, and more. We also consider the impact that strategic decisions in one legal arena may potentially have on others, and seek to implement a comprehensive approach that optimizes outcomes across the board.

We know that, as a clinician, your focus is on patient safety and care. That is why we craft unique solutions to your legal problems that mitigate risk and maximize upside. As experienced litigators, we can help you through the litigation process, including pre-litigation, settlement negotiations, trial, appeal, and alternative dispute resolution. As experienced administrative attorneys, we can navigate the complex web of federal regulations surrounding CMS overpayment claims and help you keep the payments that you deserve. We can represent you in an investigation into you or your practice by a licensing board, government entity, or accreditation organization. As experienced employment law attorneys, we can negotiate employment agreements on your behalf and if you own a practice, we can help you with wages and hours, harassment, and discrimination claims, as well as contract and severance negotiations.

We understand the stress that legal entanglements cause and will work diligently to guide you and your practice to the best possible outcome. We know that these proceedings can impact your quality of life and your professional well-being, and we will work to minimize that harm so that you can continue to do what you do best, focus on patient safety and care.

If you are a medical professional in need of legal advice, or representation, contact Hutchings Law Group today, we can help.