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Hutchings Law Group offers quality legal representation to the southern Nevada community with special emphasis on civil and criminal litigation. Contact Hutchings Law Group today, we can help.

Hutchings Law Group provides diligent and zealous advocacy on behalf of its clients by operating on a core set of values.

  1. Competent: Hutchings Law Group competently represents its clients' interests through diligent legal research, exhaustive factual investigation, and zealous application of legal process.
  2. Transparent: Hutchings Law Group articulates clear expectations for clients that they can rely on.
  3. Effective: Hutchings Law Group provides effective legal services to its clients by identifying the most direct strategyto achieve client goals.
  4. Creative: Hutchings Law Group maintains the flexibility, creativity and innovation required to best address the individual objectives of each client.
  5. Empathic: Hutchings Law Group seeks to understand client situations and to know client concerns so that it can best advocate client interests.
  6. Responsive: Hutchings Law Group is always available to address client needs and concerns.
  7. Balanced: Hutchings Law Group provides a balanced perspective for its clients so that they can identify and avoid unnecessary or wasteful disputes, and prevail in those that are reasonable and necessary.

Through flexible fee arrangements that include flat fees, retainer agreements, contingency arrangements, and payment plans, Hutchings Law Group offers quality affordable legal services to southern Nevada residents. Contact us today for a consultation.